Fully qualified and experienced in a full range of grooming for all breeds, we offer many services including hand-stripping, scissor work and clipped styles on all types of dogs. Subject to availability, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service for an additional fee.


We work on a one to one basis with every dog to ensure an enjoyable experience for your dog with the use of calming aromatherapy blends, cuddles, treats, allowing time for comfort breaks or treats as necessary.


We are particularly proud to use a selection of natural, cruelty free products, and every groom includes a choice of shampoo upon request, with a spritz of matching cologne for longevity of the fragrance.
We finish off with a bow tie to compliment their collar and lead - have a look at the gallery page of our four-legged friends.


Please see below our full list of services and guide price list - all prices are based on a good/regularly groomed coat condition and may vary depending on temperament and time taken to achieve desired style. There may be additional charge for excess matting or in the case we find fleas on your dog. Please enquire for an individual price for your dogs groom

Between 12-16 weeks
Bath and brush, gentle blow dry, nail trim/file, hygiene area trim, feet and eye area tidy with calming aromatherapy (extra cuddles, comfort breaks and healthy treats - if permitted!) between 1-1.5hr: from £35

Bath, dry, nails clipped/filed, hygiene trim and ears cleaned (lower maintenance coat breeds):

Small dog (e.g. miniature short haired Chihuahua/Dachsund/Jack Russell, similar breeds with minimal coat styling required) between 1 - 1.5hr: from £30

Medium dog (e.g. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, Pug, Long Legged Terrier, similar breeds with minimal coat styling required) around 1.5hr : from £35

Large dog (e.g. Hungarian Visla, short coated Labrador, Greyhound, similar breeds with minimal coat styling required): around 1 - 1.5hr: from £40

Bath, dry, cut and styling of coat, nails clipped/filed, hygiene trim and ears cleaned

Small dog (e.g. miniature Pomeranian/ miniature long haired Chihuahua/similar size breeds with medium amount of styling of legs and head required) between 1 - 1.5hr: £35 - £45

Medium dog (e.g. small size Cavapoo/Schnauzer/ Spaniel/Terrier crossbreed/similar with medium/high amount of styling of legs and head) around 2hr: from £50

Medium / large dog / high maintenance / fuller coated breeds (e.g. Cockapoo, large Cavapoo, Poodle, Labradoodles, similar breeds with medium/high amount of styling on legs and head) around 2 - 2.5hr: between £55 - £65 depending on fullness of coat, size and styling required

Hand stripping: From £55 - please enquire for a quote for your dog

Nail trim or filing: £10

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning with Emmi Pet: Please enquire to discuss an appropriate programme for your dog